February 3, 2023


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Women Who Travel Podcast: California’s Soul Food Scene With Chef Tanya Holland

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LA: How did it alter your pallet?

TH: It definitely expanded my pallet. You know, I imply, the technological aspect I believe was the most important, uh, piece. Since, you know, I grew up close to home cooks, and so definitely, you know, discovering the precision of, you know, timing and cooking points extra, um, you know, A La Moment, uh, at the, you know, at the- at- in real time, and like sautés and points like that as opposed to braises and sluggish cooking. Um, yeah, and just discovering additional in-depth about French regional delicacies.

LA: Remarkable. So then you get back to the States.

TH: Suitable. Get again to the-

LA: And-

TH: Yeah, I spent 10 a long time on the East Coast initially. Um, for the reason that I am from the East Coast, I truly preferred to make it in New York. I thought, you know, I would be like the initial black girl chef of the restaurant there. Um, and I went to [inaudible 00:12:03] in Boston. And actually, um, you know, found it incredibly tough to obtain the funding and the backing, um, and the aid to open up my individual location there.

So I determined to check out, at, you know, the suggestion of one more fantastic chef there, like as a girl, he mentioned, “You ought to leave New York.” And, um, out in California, imagining I was performed with restaurants, I was going to teach and do some food items writing. And then I experienced an chance to… you know, I had some men and women that had been interested in- in funding me to open my have restaurant.

LA: After the split, how Tanya’s cafe turned the hub of a group. If you’re savoring this episode of Gals Who Journey, 1 of the most effective techniques you can assist the podcast is by leaving us a assessment. We would adore to listen to from you.

TH: So, commence operating on a business system, looking for areas, and, uh, open up my very first restaurant listed here in 2008.

LA: Which was Brown Sugar Kitchen, which from what I acquire was a accurate neighborhood hub, as nicely as being an extremely lauded and profitable restaurant.

TH: Yeah, it type of turned that without having like intention. I you should not know, I signify I… I realized this as a group needed, um, you know, an amenity like a restaurant, there was nothing at all in the spot. Um, but I in no way could have imagined what a- what a attract it would come to be, and turned a vacation spot eating.

LA: What was the type of like Oakland culinary landscape like in 2008? And why did it experience like there was very little pretty like what you were being performing at that time?

TH: Um, yeah, when I arrived in the Oakland in 2000, I think it was. ‘3 or ‘3 is when I moved below. I noticed that there were like mother and pop ethnic eating places, and then there were some substantial finish, um, established, uh, dining establishments. And there was nothing at all definitely in between. So I aspired to open like a bistro. And then, I couldn’t locate the ideal place that made perception for that principle, so I uncovered this site that was an old diner, and, you know, came up with the title Brown Sugar Kitchen.