February 3, 2023


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Gatlinburg’s Abandoned Theme Park – Exploring Fun Mountain

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Did you know that correct in downtown Gatlinburg lies an amusement park termed Exciting Mountain? If you’ve been to Gatlinburg in the past few many years, you’re possible declaring “Wait a moment – I have driven through Gatlinburg and didn’t see any deserted amusement park.” The trick is you have to know where by to glance!

Fun Mountain

Pleasurable Mountain opened in 1993 on the land that beforehand housed the Mountain Watch Hotel, which was a single of the very initial motels in Gatlinburg, owning opened in 1926. You can unquestionably argue it was a travesty to tear down these types of a historic residence, but even so, the aged making was demolished and a concept park constructed in its location – Entertaining Mountain!

If you are curious to discover this outdated topic park yourself, you will find it at the again of the parking good deal near the corner of 321 and East Parkway. We just cannot say for absolutely sure if it is regarded as trespassing to go appear at it, so enterprise at your own danger. We have recognized that it is not uncommon to see law enforcement officers parked close by. You can park in close proximity to the again of the parking lot (we do propose paying out the parking payment, lest you hazard obtaining your auto towed), and then make your way towards the tunnel.

Fun Mountain tunnel

Glimpse up and you will promptly observe ski carry chairs nonetheless suspended in the air. It is a minor little bit creepy, as the trees and woods have overtaken the the moment lively experience.

There are two techniques to go – by means of the tunnel, or up a route through the woods you appear to before the tunnel. To your still left you will see the remnants of a crumbled swimming pool. Go by the tunnel, and you find you mainly at someone’s household. There doesn’t seem to be any where else to go, so that is the close of it. And yet again, you may perhaps very perfectly be trespassing on someone’s land at that stage. So never tarry.

Path up hill

The other way to go is up the route through the woods. When you get to the best you find…a parking whole lot. The fact is all of the points of interest have long given that been eliminated. So if you are looking for deserted Tilt-a-Whirls and the like, you may be disappointed. But there are absolutely artifacts remaining, such as what was at the time the base and management tower for the ski lift.

Abandoned swimming pool

You may perhaps also recognize some towers arising in the length that ended up section of the park, but as significantly as we can explain to, obtaining there would call for climbing quite rough, steep terrain, on land that is probably private property.

Abandoned swimming pool

If you would like to understand more about Enjoyment Mountain, you can nonetheless check out their previous website on the World-wide-web archive. It is interesting to consider a glimpse again at the advertising product and copy for the the moment bustling park.

Sometimes the most exciting factors in a tourist town are off the map. If you locate your self going for walks all over Gatlinburg in the temper for exploration, go give Enjoyable Mountain a seem. E book your place at Edgewater Resort and you can just wander to it and help save a $20 parking payment!

Tower in distance

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