Information About X Ray Technician Schools

X ray technician schools offer students the chance to begin an exciting career in the medical field. Since jobs in this industry are readily available, students can feel confident about job security. They can also enjoy a strong measure of job satisfaction as well, since it is the information received from the tech that allows the doctor to diagnose and treat things like tumors, cancer, or bone fractures.

Getting into X Ray Technician Schools

Becoming an X ray technician requires the completion of an accredited program which can be done through a number of trade schools. Before a student can be accepted at a trade school to become an X ray tech, he or she must have a high school diploma or GED. Many schools also require ACT or SAT scores as well. Depending on the program the student is interested in, he or she may need to have already completed some college courses, or have obtained an associate´s degree.

X Ray Technician Schools – Programs and Courses

Receiving a certificate to become an X ray technician can take anywhere from one to four years of school. This depends on the type of program the student decides to take. The one year program is an accelerated program for experienced individuals designed for nurses or other health care professionals who are looking to switch roles. Longer programs can result in a certificate, associate´s degree, or bachelor's degree. The student should determine which program he or she would like to take based on his or her job preference. Supervisory roles will require higher levels of education, but offer more pay.

Coursework is usually a mixture of class time and hands-on training. Students will typically take classes like medical ethics, protection and radiography, clinical practicum, patient communication, patient positioning, radiology physics, and radiologic technology. Students will have plenty of opportunities to learn the lab equipment and to use it prior to entering the workforce. Upon completion of the program, students will need to pass a state licensing exam. After becoming fully certified, they will need to take continuing education courses to maintain their licenses.

Top X Ray Technician Schools

Attending a top school is important for succeeding in a career as an x ray technician. Two excellent schools are Kaplan College and Pima Medical Institute. Pima actually offers online classes, which makes becoming certified easier for students with busy schedules. Some other top online schools are Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences and Saint Joseph's College of Maine. There are many other great schools throughout the United States. Searching online for top schools in a specific state is a great way to find an excellent school nearby.

Employment in any health care related field is great for job security and satisfaction. Becoming an X ray technician is a wonderful idea for people who want to be in the health care industry without having to attend so much school. Simply attending a few years at any of the top X ray technician schools will open the door for a rewarding and challenging career in the health care industry.

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