What you Should Include in an Academic Advisor Cover Letter to Stand out from the Competition?

An academic advisor is a position that you can find in any educational institution, but each organization only has so many positions of this type available. A strong academic advisor cover letter can help differentiate you from the competition and land you a job in the institution of your choice. The cover letter should emphasize your experience at other academic organizations as well as your ability to advise and communicate with young people.

The absolute minimum educational requirement to become an academic advisor is a bachelorís degree in education, English, or a communication-based field. Most employers want a masterís degree out of their candidates. In order to get the job, you will need to be able to meet this level of education and will also need to show that you can be resilient, communicative, and effective in giving advice that others will follow.

In the sample academic advisor cover letter presented below, the candidate has a masterís degree and some experience in the educational field. If you lack these credentials, emphasizing your communication and understanding abilities, your knowledge of academics, and your authority when speaking with younger audiences becomes more integral.

Justin Forrester
22 Keegan Drive
Orlando, FL 32801

June 30, 2014

Earl Lockhart
Office Administrator
Orlando Community College
22 Education Drive
Orlando, FL 32801

Dear Mr. Lockhart,

I would like to express my interest in the open academic advisor position at Orlando Community College. With a masterís degree in education and experience advising students at a number of different academic levels, I believe that I will be an excellent fit for your school and help students find the best opportunities possible before and after graduation.

My undergraduate experience came from the University of Florida at Miami, where I obtained a bachelor of science in education. After a year of working within the admissions department of that school, I moved on to my masterís studies. Since graduating with my masterís degree, I have held positions at the University of Florida and at Orlando District High School, where I served as an advisor to students. This experience has prepared me for an academic advisor position, and your school is the one I would like to support with my skills.

During my time in graduate school and in the job opportunities I have had thereafter, I have striven to hone my interpersonal skills. I keep abreast of the changes in our society that young people face coming out of school and make sure that I can offer them solutions to overcome those problems. If you hire me, you will be getting somebody who is highly motivated and who consistently tries to provide the most up to date and useful advice to students.

You will find a copy of my resume enclosed, and I can provide you with professional and academic references upon request. Please contact me via phone at (401) 222-1234 or by email at jforrester3@gsrmail.com should you wish for any further information. Thank you, and I hope to speak with you soon.


Justin Forrester

Enclosed: Resume

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