What You Need to Land Excellent HR Manager Jobs?

For those who are interested in finding HR manager jobs, there are certain education requirements that employers tend to look for. While many are promoted from within the company, some are hired directly to oversee the Human Resources department. This department is responsible for hiring, firing, disciplinary action, and ensuring the overall best use of each employeeís specific skill set.

Bachelorís Degree

Most employers are going to require their HR managers to have a Bachelorís degree in either human resources or business administration. However, it is quite possible to earn a Bachelorís in another field and then take courses relating to human resources. Some of these may include things like organizational development, industrial psychology, and labor and industrial relations. Depending upon the industry in which the HR manager will be employed, degrees in things like finance, education or information technology may also be of use.

Masterís Degree

In very large companies, it may be necessary for candidates to have Masterís degrees in either human resources or labor relations, though this is rare. In this case, the HR department itself may be broken down into various subcategories for which the HR manager is responsible. A Master of Business Administration degree is a great catch-all that can help candidates secure higher-paying and more demanding positions, too.

Work Experience

Most of the time, employers require their HR managers to obtain a certain amount of experience in the industry and field before they will be considered as candidates. In some cases, management experience in a related field is all that is necessary. In other high-profile situations, though, the employer may require a candidate who has experience working with the various elements of the HR department, including things like payroll, scheduling, recruiting and more. All candidates must be able to display a solid understanding of federal, state and local laws as they pertain to labor, as well.

Certification Options

Certification beyond a degree is optional for HR manager jobs, but it can help to show employers an advanced level of expertise. There are some employers who prefer to hire only candidates that have been certified, so this should always be a strong consideration. There are certification programs available through groups such as the Society for Human Resource Management and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, among others.

The Best Candidates

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, competition for HR manager jobs is expected to be fierce in coming years. As such, the best candidates for the positions that will be available are those who have earned Masterís degrees, especially in human resources related fields, who have one or more certifications, and who have at least five yearsí experience working in a HR setting or group. Human Resources Information Systems knowledge, also known as HRIS, is also a strong selling point.

HR managers should also have several important qualities in order to be successful. They will need to be strong leaders for overseeing the department, and they will need to be able to make quick, critical decisions for handling disputes between employees and other management departments.

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