What Sort of Duties and Responsibilities are Expected from a Qualified Courtesy Clerk?

Courtesy clerks assist customers at checkout lines in grocery stores and other area where a lot of merchandise gets purchased at once. Typical courtesy clerk duties begin with a strong sense of customer service and the ability to communicate with customers during the bagging process. There may be some physical expectations from this job, such as the ability to lift and carry large objects and the need to stand for several hours at a time.

Courtesy clerks normally do not have specific educational requirements. This is a position where an individual can join the field on a part-time basis while still in school, but there is a wide enough range of courtesy clerk duties that a person can potentially turn this position into a long-term career. Whether you are planning to do this job for a short period of time or as part of your long-term goals, you should make sure that you can perform the following duties.

List of Courtesy Clerk Duties:

Assist in the checkout process, making sure that each customer receives quick and efficient service.

Unload items from carts and bag them after they have been scanned at a checkstand.

Bag items appropriately according to size, weight, and the physical capabilities of the customer.

Assist with carry out service for large orders or cumbersome items.

Conduct price checks.

Return unpurchased items to the proper product shelf location.

Maintain store shelves by cleaning, fronting, and facing all items.

Gather shopping carts from parking lots.

Sweep and mop floors.

Assist in the prompt cleanup of spills and accidents.

Ensure that products remain undamaged during the bagging process and that they can be transported safely.

Provide assistance for customers on the store floor, including retrieving difficult to reach items, checking back stock for products that are not on the shelves, and providing mobility assistance for individuals with disabilities.

Monitor the flow of traffic throughout the store and keep entrances, exits, and aisles free of congestion whenever possible.

Clean spills and remove trash promptly.

Provide on the job training to new courtesy clerks as needed.

Assist customers with special orders.

Retain a strong knowledge of store policies and procedures.

Clean aisles and return unpurchased product to shelves when store is not busy.

Replenish grocery bags and make sure all supplies at different checkstands are full.

Ensure that perishable foods and items that need to be refrigerated are restocked in a timely manner.

Know the signs of a potential shoplifter and alert management should you notice one.

Maintain a good knowledge of emergency procedures and keep calm in such scenarios.

Take steps to make sure that the store environment stays safe for both employees and customers.

Maintain a positive and upbeat attitude even during stressful times.

Operate store equipment such as pallet jacks, box cutters, and labels guns.

Dress appropriately for the weather so you can continue to perform outdoor tasks even in extreme conditions.

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