What Skills and Areas of Knowledge Does a Successful Courtesy Clerk Need?

To have great courtesy clerk skills, you need to be able to operate efficiently in a fast-paced environment and maintain a consistently pleasant attitude while doing so. Courtesy clerks are the glue that holds together many retail and grocery outlets, and their attitude, integrity, and flexibility is one of the most essential qualities to this heavily customer service-based position.

A courtesy clerk can perform the job without any specific level of education, but those who hope to remain in the industry long-term will probably benefit from a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Courtesy clerk skills include strong mathematical and reasoning abilities as well as the ability to solve complex problems quickly. You will also need to be able to lift heavy objects, stand for long periods of time, and have competence in the other skills detailed below.

Courtesy Clerk Skills:

• Superb ability to communicate with others and form personal relationships over a brief period of time.

• Ability to stand, walk, and move about repeatedly for the duration of a long shift.

• Basic writing skills and ability to compose simple correspondences to customers.

• Friendliness and enthusiasm.

• Ability to lift, pull, push, and carry heavy equipment without causing bodily harm.

• Listening skills and ability to carry out instructions from the management team.

• Excellent attention to detail and ability to notice small issues immediately, before they become a larger problem.

• Ability to provide training and instruction to fellow co-workers.

• Mathematical and reasoning skills.

• Analytic skills and ability to come up with creative solutions to difficult or unusual problems.

• Ability to endure extreme weather conditions at various points during a shift.

• Knowledge of warehouse equipment and ability to use basic warehouse tools such as a pallet jack.

• Ability to work effectively as part of a larger team and to support other teammates as needed.

• Ability to read and carry out written instructions and memos.

• Attention skills and ability to give a customer undivided attention even in a busy work environment.

• Capability of identifying strengths and weaknesses of others and to help mask those weaknesses in order to help the team as a whole.

• Machine skills, including ability to monitor warehouse equipment and point of sale units.

• Ability to coordinate actions as a team.

• Capability of giving honest criticism and peer reviews.

• Willingness to incorporate criticism in a way which will encourage growth while shrugging off criticism that is not constructive.

• Basic financial skills and ability to analyze cost/benefit ratios of certain actions.

• Excellent time management skills, including the ability to monitor both your time and other employees’ time.

• Knowledge of how each store department works and ability to step in and cover for those departments when they are short-handed.

• Shift flexibility, including willingness to work long hours and weekends.

• Confidence and ability to convey that sense of confidence to other customers as well as to fellow employees.

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