What Skills Does a Potential Sale Associate Need When Preparing to Enter the Workforce?

Sale associate skills include a variety of communication, organization, and customer service-focused areas. A strong candidate in this field will be able to provide support on the sales floor and at the point of sale. The individual will also be able to provide thoughtful communication to customers and solve any problems that might act as a barrier to making a sale. This position requires a high level of organizational knowledge, and you should make sure you know about the business you want to join.

A typical sale associate only needs to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, but it doesn’t hurt to seek additional training as well. Many companies offer seminars or certification courses that can help hone specific sale associate skills that you might want to improve upon. In terms of other work experience, any position in retail or customer service is a major boon in terms of building up a resume for this field.

Sale Associate Skills:

• Demonstrated ability to reach high sale goals on a regular basis.

• Knowledgeable about the focus region and unique sales challenges that may arise there.

• Strong networking skills, both on an interpersonal and a professional level.

• Ability to identify incoming customers and respond to their needs.

• Use of suggestive selling techniques that can help increase sales.

• Knowledge of different products and services offered within the company and industry.

• Ability to communicate different product and sales options to customers who are having difficulty making a decision.

• Operation of cash registers and point of sale units.

• Knowledge of up-selling techniques.

• Ability to multitask and provide service to several customers at the same time.

• Good math skills and ability to accurately count out change to customers.

• Inventory and receiving skills.

• Strong sense of professionalism, including maintaining a professional appearance and making sure that the sales area is properly presented at all times.

• Long-term customer relationship skills and ability to turn a single sale into a lasting relationship.

• Administrative knowledge and recordkeeping skills.

• Knowledge of company procedures and best practices within the industry as a whole.

• Excellent marketing abilities.

• Knowledge of visual merchandising.

• Willingness to work long hours and unusual shift times, especially near holidays and during other peak performance times.

• Ability to perform store opening and closing duties.

• Display organization skills and knowledge of what products need to be placed at eye level or in otherwise clear view for potential customers.

• Ability to take inventory counts and ensure that all stock is completely accounted for.

• Willingness to train other employees and to pass down your sale associate knowledge to others within the story.

• Ability to communicate well on the phone and to make follow-up calls to key customers when needed.

• Good computer skills and ability to operate common programs used in a variety of operating systems.

• Ability to receive customer complaints and resolve them as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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