What Should Every Good Event Planner be Ready to Include on a Resume?

Becoming an event planner means entering an industry that is heavy on competition, both from individuals who work for a specific organization and freelancers who want to make a name for themselves. Because of the high level of competition in this field, a strong event planner resume is an absolute must. A good resume will help separate you from the competition, highlight your experience and education, and land you more face to face interviews than you would otherwise receive.

The educational background needed to become an event planner varies, but a bachelor’s degree will almost always help you when you want to land a new job. A college degree shows a level of commitment that event planners need to have. It also opens doors for internships and campus work that might instill valuable skills, such as the ability to negotiate venues, communicate with outside vendors, and organize a long-term schedule that many different people will be expected to follow.

The sample event planner resume presented here focuses heavily on skills and experience and doesn’t bring up education until the end. This is the standard form that many resumes in this field take because the education level of different candidates is so vast and varied. If you have some sort of certification or degree that would directly aid you in this position, you might want to consider moving that section to the top underneath your professional summary.

Peter Durham

E-Mail: pdurham@gsrmail.com
22 Crystal Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Professional Summary

Professional event planner with significant experience seeking a position which will both challenge me to try out new things and utilize my strengths in organization, communications, and budgeting.

Areas of Expertise

• Communication with internal employees and vendors
• Administrative organization and ability to delegate properly
• Long-term event strategies
• Attention to small details
• Ability to operate well under pressure

Professional Experience

Events Coordinator, University of Florida at Miami

8/2012 – Current

Provide comprehensive event planning and coordination for Department of Alumni Relations. Key responsibilities include:

• Coordinate yearly events, including reunion and homecoming.
• Provide quarterly and annual budgets for the department to follow.
• Secure funding for internal and external events.
• Communicate with vendors and outside service providers.
• Provide solicitation and communications to alumni and other individuals who may participate in an event.

Development Assistant, University of Florida at Miami

6/2011 – 8/2012

Assisted in office communications, alumni contact protocols, and event preparation with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Key responsibilities included:

• Served as point of contact for alumni calls and event assistance.
• Maintained comprehensive mailing lists and regularly culled them to make sure they were current.
• Prepared event materials and provided on-site assistance for small and large alumni events.
• Promoted events via email, surface mail, and phone solicitation.
• Assisted with the organization and day to day functions of a large administrative office.

Education and Certifications

• Bachelor Degree in English, University of Florida at Miami, 2011
• High School Diploma, Orlando Academy, 2007

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